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Skyhook Celebrates Acceptance into Rural Jump Start Program and Establishes HQ in Grand Junction

As seen in press:

Grand Junction, Colorado (November 1, 2023) —

The Grand Junction Economic Partnership is pleased to announce that Skyhook Solar, a manufacturer of transportable, industrial-grade solar generators has selected Grand Junction as its new home and was accepted into the Rural Jump Start Program.

The company was founded in 2019 with a core mission to fight climate change by accelerating the global transition to clean energy. The Solar Station is Skyhook’s core technology and means of achieving this goal – a transportable, industrial-grade solar generator that can provide power to EVs, micromobility, internet access, lighting, and emergency services in public spaces. By providing immediate access to clean power infrastructure, the technology can help cities, communities, and individuals transition to new electrified transportation modes and improve energy resilience. Since its launch, Skyhook has deployed Solar Stations in 10 cities in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Skyhook Solar’s President and CEO, Daniel Delano, spearheaded extensive research and development efforts over the past two years in Carbondale, CO where they have discontinued operations to take possession of their new facility that will be located at 740 Scarlet Street in Grand Junction. The company plans to commence commercial production in the fourth quarter of 2023, establishing Grand Junction as its new headquarters.

Skyhook is entering a critical phase of our company’s growth, and we are thrilled to announce our move to Grand Junction, Colorado—an ideal location for access to specialized resources, manufacturing, and logistics. The Rural Jump Start program will provide support and an incredible opportunity to partner with the local community and discover new talent from Colorado Mesa University,” says Delano.

During their research and development phase, Skyhook Solar deployed 25 prototypes in public-facing pilot programs in the United States and Canada. Additionally, they have placed five pilot units in Europe, positioning Skyhook Solar as an ideal candidate for future advanced industries exporting grants offered by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT).

Skyhook Solar is anticipated to create 38 new primary jobs within the first four years of operation in Grand Junction. The company’s approval into the Rural Jump Start Program marks a significant milestone, making Skyhook Solar the 28th business to join the program in Mesa County with the support of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership since its inception in 2016.

The Rural Jump Start Program, an initiative designed to foster economic development and create new job opportunities in rural communities, provides eligible companies with lucrative tax incentives, cash grants, and workforce development opportunities. Through the program, Skyhook Solar will now be eligible to receive cash grant funding up to $20,000 to help offset startup costs for its new business and up to $2,500 per new hire.

Additionally, Colorado Mesa University will play an integral role in the Rural Jump Start Program by acting as the local institute of higher education and providing Skyhook Solar with access to its talent pipeline for new hires and internships. CMU’s support extends to applied research opportunities through several academic programs ranging from mechanical engineering to computer science.

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