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The Skyhook Solar Story


With a mission to fight climate change, a group of inventors, engineers, tinkerers and outdoor enthusiasts came together five years ago to form Skyhook Solar Corp. and invent the Solar Station. After a year of development and prototyping, the team deployed the first two public-facing Solar Stations in Denver, Colorado in November of 2019.



In January 2020, Skyhook deployed 10 Solar Stations at the ESPN Winter X-Games (left), deployed a Solar Station to charge EVs at an Aspen public school in April (middle) and deployed four Solar Stations in the Navajo Nation (right) that fall during the pandemic.



In June of 2021, in partnership with WE-cycle and PBSC Urban Solutions, Skyhook launched the first solar-powered ebikeshare docks in the world. This innovation allowed WE-cycle to power its e-bikes with 100% renewable energy, incorporate more ebikes into their fleet, furthering their mission of carbon neutral transportation by keeping ebike operations sustainable. That summer and fall the network powered 52 ebikes and saw a total of 15,238 rides; including an estimated carbon sequestration (GHG reduction) of 14,000 lbs.

Skyhook expanded its EV charging presence with two deployments in Colorado, including at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and Snowmass Town Park. Skyhook Solar Stations continue to sustainably charge EVs today with Level X™ zero-emissions power.



Building on the success of the WE-cycle pilot, Skyhook Solar Stations were deployed in five new locations in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado in 2022. The expanded network included a total of seven Skyhook Solar Stations. In the biggest year for Skyhook in micromobility to date – the team delivered Solar Stations to Chicago IL (right), Montreal, Canada, and Detroit, MI (left). Skyhook’s pilot of our new battery charge locker technology completed its first full year of public testing. Our decentralized, solar-powered system works in subfreezing temperatures and mitigates against battery fire risk.



As of 2023, Solar Stations now operate in ten cities in North America and Europe, providing power to micromobility fleets and EVs, and resilient, backup power in cities and remote areas. This summer Skyhook deployed a D4 Solar Station in Germany to charge to mopeds and a new K2 flat-pack Solar Station to the front lines in Ukraine to support people in need of power during wartime grid outages.

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