Skyhook Solar

When and
Where you need it.

We accelerate the expansion of critical technology by providing access to power anywhere.

What we power

Our Solar Stations are delivered fully assembled and provide power, computing and real estate to high-value applications like EV charging, micromobility and broadband. By eliminating construction and permitting, our partners are able to scale fast and reduce cost.


Unlocking energy consumption at every point of use

D4 Skyhook Solar Station panels

Energy Generation

Our bifacial panels are able to capture sun on both the top and bottom of the Solar Station. This allows for more energy and less dependency on a southern exposure. Bifacial panels require less maintenance than a tracker while generating more energy than single sided panels.

Monitoring & control

Skyhook Solar’s proprietary software is a web based portal with a real-time dashboard. This dashboard provides information about each Solar Station and has the capability to remotely change operational parameters. Used to track inventory, support maintenance, and control personnel access.

D4 Skyhook Solar Station

And Many More Amazing Features

structural support icon

Structural Support

Pre-engineered to support your critical infrastructure loads at designated attachment points.

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Serving as relay platforms for high bandwidth communications where rapid deployment, low cost, flexibility, and energy self-sufficiency add value.

Communications Icon


Communication protocols implemented based on location and use case. Solar Stations can extend your existing network or stand alone in a remote environment.

rain and snow management icon

Rain & Snow Management

A proprietary solution that keeps people and property protected from the elements.

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Data Gathering

Custom data logging and logic software collects unlimited data points at variable sample rates. Automated and processed in real-time.

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Battery Storage

Our Solar Station batteries store energy for later use.