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We are excited to announce our participation in the Endless Frontier Labs accelerator program as part of the 2022 Deep-Tech cohort.

Endless Frontier Labs (EFL) accelerates the success of early-stage science and technology based startups through a goals-oriented mentorship program.


Skyhook Solar Stations provide solar power to charge EVs and electric micromobility fleets.

Our Solar Stations have batteries onboard and work day or night, independent of the grid - and, when optimal, complementary to the grid. In places where the grid does not exist, Solar Stations can replace kerosene lamplight and extend the reach of broadband. Skyhook has done this in the Navajo Nation of Arizona.

In the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, Skyhook has deployed Solar Stations at Aspen’s Winter X-Games to charge EVs, and our Solar Stations have charged eBikes for WEcycle, a bike-share program going electric, sustainably.

Deployed without street cuts, permitting delays or construction, Skyhook Solar Stations can be rolled out fast and at scale, optimizing the technology of our corporate partners and reducing carbon footprint.



D4 Skyhook Solar Station panels


The bifacial panels of our Solar Stations capture sunlight directly and as sunlight is reflected upward. The Solar Station is designed to provide shade and overhead shelter from the elements and yet to be unobtrusive, whether distributing energy at a city street corner or a country trailhead.


Skyhook Solar’s proprietary fleet management software allows real-time monitoring and control of onboard batteries and all of the Solar Station’s functions. Skyhook’s software can be integrated with our partners’ software and can include video security, wifi, lighting and iOt features.

D4 Skyhook Solar Station
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 Sustainable Advertising

Poster Boxes can be integrated with the struts of the Solar Stations to support low-tech, static display ads or public information and sponsorship/ branding.  

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Data Gathering

Custom data logging and logic software collects unlimited data points at variable sample rates. Automated and processed in real-time.

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Communication protocols implemented based on location and use case. Solar Stations can extend your existing network or stand alone in a remote environment.