the D4 Solar Station

Skyhook Solar D4 Station front

D4 Infrastructure

6’ x 3’ Footprint

~3,600 lbs

2kW PV

20kWh battery

1 GBPs communications

88 sq. ft. canopy at 9 ft. clearance

Ideal for long-dwell EV charging, robust communications, micromobility and ad/sponsorship poster boxes

Plenty of Sunshine to Power a Bit of Everything

Skyhook Solar D4 Station strung together

Various EV Configurations

Our Solar Stations are meant to be flexible. A Solar Station can stand alone or be strung together with other Solar Stations to deliver more energy. One D4 Station delivers enough power to cover commuter charging. Two or more Solar Stations can be strung together to bring more power for longer distances and fleets.

Micromobility, up to 30 Charges Per Day

In higher demand area and larger fleets, Skyhook Stations can bring clean charging within the public right of way or close to a bike lane. Fleet Operators can power hundreds of last mile trips efficiently, and relocate the Solar Stations as trends change.

Skyhook Solar D4 Station charging electric bike
Skyhook Solar D4 Station charging electric car and bike

Mobility Hubs

Skyhook Solar Stations have potential to be a hub for various vehicle types and other consumer facing benefits. For fleet operators and cities, a mobility hub can combine micromobility charging with real time information dissemination and data gathering. For additional benefits, the mobility hub can extend WiFi and also host a security camera, additional lighting, and various sensors.

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