Designed to be flexible

Our Solar Stations are robust to withstand the elements, and flexible to move as your business changes.

Mission Aligned Applications

Affordability is one of the largest blockers to innovation moving forward.

EV charging

EV Charging

As the EV Charging landscape grows, pressure is put on the grid to deliver power during extended peak times. A grid complementary solution provides reliability in emergencies and in your every day.


Micromobility continues to evolve towards consumer preferences through networks of docked and dockless models. With no construction required, the Solar Stations can serve as a battery charge locker at geofenced locations or charge eBikes at docking stations.

electric bike
computer using broadband


Connectivity is the backbone of social and economic equity. With more going online, the ability to seamlessly access opportunity, education, and social interaction is more important than ever.


How would your business expand or change if you had access to power without the construction? We’re here to partner with you.

You’re the expert in your area, and we’re providing easy access to power (that is also sustainable and resilient!). Skyhook Solar is dedicated to helping your company expand in the way it wants and needs to.

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Advertising includes campaigns showcased on E-ink screens or static media fixed to the Solar Station.

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