Electric Vehicle Charging

A Grid-Complementary Solution

As the EV Charging landscape grows, more pressure is put on the grid to deliver power during extended peak times. A grid-complementary solution gives reliability during both emergencies and every day situations.

The Road to Zero Emissions

Range anxiety is a two sided-problem: drivers want assurance of en-route charge availability, charge-station operators want assurance of customer utilization. Hard-wired charge assets fail to address this paradox for the majority of potential charge sites.

Additionally, electric cars are cleanest for the environment when they are charged using renewable, clean energy. Unfortunately, many grids don’t have renewables as part of their power mix.

Skyhook Solar offers a configuration for every use case along with the flexibility to reconfigure Solar Stations for additional charge capacity, all powered by solar power.

With Skyhook Solar, charging asset operators can now establish positions on every block and build out each configuration to suit the measured use.

Skyhook Solar D2 Station EV charging a car