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Meet the Skyhook Solar Stations and Solar Station Kit.

When and Where
You Need It

Our Solar Stations were created to give distributed solar power to those who need it, when they need it. From this concept, we developed two technologies to act as dynamic infrastructure that can be moved and the applications changed.

Which Skyhook Solar Technology is Right for You?

Skyhook Solar D2 Station
D2 Solar Station

3’ x 3’ Footprint

‍~200 lbs

1kW PV

8kWh battery

1 GBPs communications

44 sq. ft. canopy at 8’-10” ft. clearance

Best for single-vendor solutions and applications that are space constrained

Skyhook Solar D4 Station
D4 Solar Station

6’ x 3’ Footprint

~4,000 lbs

2kW PV

20kWh battery

1 GBPs communications

88 sq. ft. canopy at 8’-10” ft. clearance

Best for high dwell EV charging, e-ink display screens and robust communications

Skyhook Solar D6 Station
D6 Solar Station

7.5’ x 3’ Footprint

~5,500 lbs

3kW PV

30kWh battery

1 GBPs communications

132 sq. ft. canopy at 8’-10” ft. clearance

Best for customizable product lines and dense areas with high micromobility traffic

Skyhook Solar K2 Kit Station
K2 Solar Station Kit

2’ x 2.8’ Footprint

420 lbs (unballasted)

½ kW PV

2kWh battery (optional)

1 GBPs communications

21.75 sq. ft. canopy at 8’-6” ft. clearance

Arrives flat and ready to be assembled onsite. For small scale clean energy solutions

Interested in Learning More?

Our Skyhook Solar technology data sheets provide an in depth overview of our Solar Stations and Solar Station Kit.