The K2 Solar Station Kit

Skyhook Solar K2 Station Kit front

Flat-Pack Kit

2’ x 2.8’ Footprint

420 lbs (unballasted)

½ kW PV

2kWh battery

1 GBPs communications

22 sq. ft. canopy at 8’-6” ft. clearance

Packs and ships on a flat pallet for remote, rugged, plug-and play power

Click the link to download the new Navajo Nation K1 Solar Station pilot report.


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Arrives as a flat pack ready to be assembled onsite.

Skyhook Solar K2 Station Kit in remote area

USB Charging Ports

Our Solar Station Kit can provide lighting to many people without access to reliable electricity while eliminating carbon.

Resiliency After Natural Disasters

One 20’ shipping container can provide lighting, personal device charging, information via radio, and messaging to many people. Store in case or fly in after.

Skyhook Solar K2 Station Kit implementation
Skyhook Solar K2 Station Kit at sunset

Communications and Remote Data Gathering

Solar Station Kits are well suited to providing energy and structure to communications, data, and IoT equipment in remote locations.

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