the D6 Solar Station

Skyhook Solar D6 Station front

D6 Infrastructure

7.5’ x 3’ Footprint

~5,500 lbs

3kW PV

30kWh battery

1 GBPs communications

132 sq. ft. canopy at 8’-10” ft. clearance

Ideal for dense areas with high micromobility traffic, high power and rural EV charging

Flagship Design Customized for Your Needs

Skyhook Solar D6 Station in remote location

Longer Range and Rural EV Charging

Rural and long range charging is an important part of the network needed, but it can be challenging and expensive to access the required power. Skyhook Solar’s D6 Solar Station is designed for heavier usage such as range boosting for remote locations like scenic byways and National Parks and Forest.

Micromobility in Highly Dense Areas

A solution that was built for the densest areas that have a lot of micromobility traffic. This Solar Station is meant to help with the traffic that happens daily at a location.

Electric bike and scooter showing micromobility in dense areas
Skyhook Solar D6 Station at a university

Corporations and University Plazas

Universities and corporations are looking for ways to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Our Solar Station can create a large space for people to charge their phones, find out pertinent information via an e-ink screen or tv, add extra lighting and security to large spaces, and allow Skyhook Solar to be a symbol of gathering.

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