the D4-X3 EV 
Skyhook Solar Station®

Skyhook Solar D4 Station front

 D4-X3 | EV Solar Charger

Designed to fit in almost any parking lot, without any loss of parking space

4G LTE communications with fleet management web portal

6 kW PV, 4.8 to 19.2 kWh Battery

Level 2 Charging, Two J-1772 Charge Plugs

~3,600 lbs for each D4 unit in a three-unit array

294 sq. ft. solar canopy at 9' 5"

60 sq. ft. total base footprint

LEVEL 2 solar  EV ChargER

Skyhook Solar D4 Station strung together

Power for EVs Everywhere

Multiply the power and flexibility of EV charging with the D4-X3 array. This technology delivers 6kW of solar power anywhere, without permitting or trenching. Solar power = true zero emissions. Energy straight from the sun into the battery of any EV. 

Go Electric Now

Grid connections for EV charge plugs can have ultra long lead-times and be cost-prohibitive. Skyhook's D4-X3 Solar Station is a plug-and-play solution designed to be delivered rapidly with or without a backup grid tie. The D4-X3 can be deployed in a matter of hours – and then it's good to go. Whenever charge needs change, the Skyhook Solar Station can be relocated almost anywhere.

Skyhook Solar D4 Station charging electric bike
Skyhook Solar D4 Station charging electric car and bike

Zero Emissions Now

Without the sunk cost of a grid tie, Skyhook's Solar Stations can be the best EV Charge solution in many locations, both rural and urban. Let's make electrification happen everywhere.

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