the D2 Solar Station

Skyhook Solar D2 Station front view

D2 Infrastructure

3’ x 3’ Footprint

~2,000 lbs

1kW PV

8kWh battery

1 GBPs communications

44 sq. ft. canopy at 8’-10” ft. clearance

Ideal for for applications that are space constrained

Best Configuration for Applications that are Space Constrained

D2 Skyhook Solar Station outdoor dining

Outdoor Dining

Our Solar Station was deployed to the front of Meat and Cheese, a restaurant in downtown Aspen, Colorado. The Solar Station was there for 3 months as part of a pop up “Coronavirus” sidewalk and street dining experience. The Solar Station delivers physical protection from vehicular traffic while providing lighting, personal device charging, WiFi, and a menu rotation on a LCD screen.

Parklet Micromobility

It isn’t always cost effective for fleet micromobility companies to operate in low density, lower use areas. However, micromobility can make a large impact in these neighborhoods, which are often underserved by traditional mass transit.

As electric bike and scooter commuting becomes more popular, micromobility companies can reduce operation costs by bringing bikes to parklets in residential and low density areas.

Skyhook Solar can power many bikes and scooters within one location and help cities and developers by offering charging for private bike owners in public areas.

D2 Skyhook Solar Station parklet micromobility
D2 Skyhook Solar Station at a community school

Aspen Community School 
EV Charging

We’re excited to have one of our D2 Solar Stations serving our local community school in Aspen. Educators on campus charge up their EVs and cover their commutes' energy-needs on a daily basis.

Emergency and City Essential Services

Today, too many of our systems rely on the grid. We need to examine our ability to be resilient in the face of emergencies caused by more frequent natural disasters. Skyhook Solar can be an essential part of emergency preparedness and disaster response. Our Solar Stations can be in place and ready to serve the most critical emergency needs: lighting, traffic lights, communication, and personal device charging.

Skyhook Solar D2 Station at night

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