we need to go neutral

Climate change is more apparent than ever.

More hurricanes, wildfires and hotter days are proof that we need to take action.

In our daily lives, we can be conscious of our choices that result in carbon emissions. When we order online, drive to the grocery store, fly to a destination, all of that results in carbon emissions. By advocating for the cleaner version of any of those, you’re advocating for a healthier planet.

We can all take big steps to change the course of the future.

Consumers and Companies can be the Impetus to Reach Zero Net Carbon Emissions.

Electrification is a huge opportunity to introduce carbon neutral practices. Here we showcase the difference to our environment when we charge an electric car with the grid vs an electric car charged from the sun. Electric vehicles are a great way to reduce the 28% of emissions emitted each year; however we can’t actualize those reductions unless we power our grid 100% with renewables and begin with solutions like Skyhook Solar Stations.

the skyhook Team

We are a group of passionate inventors and engineers who want to have an impact on climate and change the way we use energy. We’ve built a platform for charging, communication, and data that we’re excited to bring to cities, communities, institutions, and companies for their various needs. We’re excited to introduce a sustainable power source that can flex from powering your daily needs to your emergency ones, and everything in between.

Thanks for being a part of our journey in combating climate change.

Daniel Delano
Daniel Delano
President & CEO
I'm excited to be working at Skyhook because our technology can change the arc of our planet's history for the better by deploying our Solar Stations to city street corners and off-grid in the developing world.
Daniel Delano
William Gilmore
Chief Product Officer
I'm excited to work on a market driven energy solution that can scale and make an impact on climate.
Daniel Delano
Kendra Joseph
Director of Operations and Accounts
I’m excited to make solar powered charging the norm and to help bring solutions to underserved communities and the developing world.
Daniel Delano
Jill Steindler
Partnerships & Sales
I am a firm believer in the consequences of ignoring climate change. Skyhook is giving me an opportunity to be part of an amazing team that I believe will have a positive impact towards the greater good, and the goal of sustainability.
Daniel Delano
Tsama Parsons-Pineda
Director of Product Innovation
Solutions such as this give us the opportunity to re-imagine how electrical energy is created and used beyond the constraints of grid distribution and fossil fuels.
Daniel Delano
Denise Virtue
Given the current state of this planet along with the feeling of an impending climate disaster around the corner, bright and innovative minds are what the world is in need of immediately.
Daniel Delano
Wisly Juganda
Software Development
With climate change growing, I believe it is absolutely paramount for sustainable energy to be widely accessible now more than ever. I am excited to explore the possibilities of IoT technology in enabling off-grid communities to access reliable clean energy.
Daniel Delano
Eric Arnoldy
Project Manager
I’m looking forward to exploring what ubiquitous and available power can bring to the connected IoT world. Technology that has been held back by battery technology can now be explored.
Daniel Delano
Thomas Balcom
Manager of Accounts and Product
I couldn't be more excited to be working on solar technology at Skyhook. We have a smart-solar solution that can get clean energy to hard-to-reach places and make the departure from carbon based fuels seamless for our urban communities at scale.
Daniel Delano
Marco Iacono
Renewable energy is undeniably essential to our future. Skyhook's passionate team is poised to lead at the intersection of solar and mobility.
Daniel Delano
Harry Teague
I see Skyhook on the forefront, and a key component of the major energy power shift that we are currently undergoing. By combining sustainability and portability the Skyhook Stations become an indispensable link in the future of electric power.
Daniel Delano
Duncan Delano
The Skyhook Solar Stations are elegant with a sleek design, but they are most appealing because they are uniquely simple, portable, and functional.
Daniel Delano
Matt Zanderigo
I'm excited for the social good and climate impact Skyhook will have capitalizing on various solar powered charging use cases. I look forward to seeing Skyhook Stations charging eBikes & EVs across the country.